Friday, May 30, 2014

Reminders and Info in Backpacks

Hello Families,

Just a reminder to get field trip money in by Thursday, June 5. The more chaperones, the merrier!

Coming tonight to folks who don't get electronic communication are fliers about the FREE Summer Lunch Program for Kids and Teens and a WPS school lunch menu for June.

Those who haven't sent school pictures or picture money back will also be getting a reminder to do so ASAP. Let's have 100% participation this year!

Next week will be a busy one for the last 26 Days Calendar. It might be a good idea to organize things this weekend. Towels for read outside day, pajamas for pajama day, and red clothes for red day. The kids are having fun with each day and are really excited for new name day on Monday. You might want to talk about what they think would be a good name for them to try out. Last year we had some very interesting and creative names!

Last, I'm attaching some information on summer math learning opportunities that your child can access online. See below if you're interested.


Here are 3 great online summer math opportunities to help students maintain math skills through the summer.  This is a program that students use at school but can continue to use through the summer months.  Please contact your child’s teacher to get usernames and passwords if you do not already have them.



Fasttmath Stretch to GO

Fasttmath Stretch to Go  This is geared more toward students entering grades 3 and up.  It  provides computational practice.  Contact your child’s teacher for a username and password if your child does not already know it. 



Ten Marks is also an online math program that usually has a fee associated with it but it is free for this summer.  It allows parents to choose personalized  incentives that may motivate their child to practice math during the summer.  When signing your child up for the program, you can choose incentives that are personal to your child.  Your child could earn an treat or special activity for work completed in the program.


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