Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day of School Letter

Here's a letter that should have gone home with students today. We have been blessed with lots of new technology this year, but unfortunately we have run into some snags and time constraints to get it all working properly for the first day. I will have this printed and sent home on Wednesday, but wanted to send it out to anyone who may have already subscribed.
Also, I apologize, but the web address for the blog had one tiny error and was missing a dot between class and blogspot. The correct site is listed below. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dear Parents,

Welcome to third grade! I am very excited for the upcoming school year. It was exciting to have all the students here today. There are so many things to tell you.  I am sure a lot more information will come home over the next few weeks.  Feel free at any time to contact me with any questions or concerns. This letter will also be posted to my blog for future reference. If you haven’t already started following it, please go to http://mrsearlesclass.blogspot.com/ and sign up. This is where I will do updates and newsletter type information. By signing up, you will get an email letting you know whenever I post something new so you won’t miss anything.

Students will be participating in music (Mondays), physical education (Tuesdays), and art (Fridays) this year.  Third grade students will not have an assigned library time this year. They will have open times to go to the library to take out or return books. They can bring their books back as soon as they finish them. As soon as possible, they will be able to go down, turn in their book and get a new one if they’d like. We will also be going to the computer lab on Thursdays (per availability).

I will send home the healthy working snack letter later in the week. As you are planning your child’s snacks please try and focus on finger foods that will nourish their brains.

Students do not pay for breakfast or lunch directly.  They simply enter a pin number. “Lunch money” can be sent in at any time and I will get it to the right people. You may also pay online through the lunch program. Information about this is on our website. Please note lunch costs $2.30 and breakfast costs $1.00. Snack milk costs $.50.

Student will be receiving a homework folder from me on the first day of school unless you have sent one in for them. This folder should go home each night and come back to school each morning. Please make it a habit to look at the folder nightly with your child as any important papers will be in there. Students will have homework nightly. They will be expected to read nightly, as well as complete a math paper (which will come home at the beginning of the week in a packet. They will have spelling words weekly and suggested activities to complete to learn the words. However, they will not have required spelling homework to be passed in. As school gets up and running, more information will come about homework.

Please make sure your child arrives at school on time each day.  Students will be marked tardy if they arrive at school after 8:20. Breakfast is available each day.  Dismissal begins at 2:40 and is done by 3:15, except for early dismissal on Wednesdays. Please make sure your child and I know how your child is getting home each day. There should be a regular dismissal schedule (the same bus, SACC, pickup). Some parents find it helpful to send a note each week letting me know of the dismissal plan for the week, especially if it changes often. Also, if your child has a set schedule feel free to send a note telling me that each week they will be picked up on a certain day. I will have a weekly chart for who will be picked up. If there are dismissal changes, you need to send a note or email to me as soon as possible. No dismissal changes will be made without a note, email or phone call from a parent. If it is after noon, please also email or call the office. When emailing the office, please send the email to both Martha Vance (mvance@rsu14.org ) and Tanda Butts (tbutts@rsu14.org).  Also, if someone other than a legal guardian is going to pick up a child, please be sure the school has them on an approved list. Martha and Tanda can help you with that as well.

I look forward to working with you and your child. My hope is that the lines of communication are always open between us. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, comments, etc.  Working together, openly, ensures success for all students.




Mrs. Beth Earle

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Specials Schedule

Here's a schedule for our specials for the 2012-2013 school year:

Mrs. Earle’s Class Specials Schedule

Monday—Music with Mr. Oehrtmann 9:25-10:05

Tuesday—Phys. Ed. With Mrs. Turkington 9:25-10:05



Friday—Art with Ms. Wright 9:25-10:05

I'll be adding computer lab to our schedule after the schedule has been made. Library will be a bit different this year. Students will have access to go exchange books at some point during the week. I'm waiting for a few details before posting more.
~Beth Earle

Welcome to Third Grade

Dear Students and Families,

Welcome to Third Grade! This is my first blog experience so please bear while I learn all there is about blogging.

I plan to use this blog to update you with important school information as well as things going on in our class this year. I may not post weekly, but if you subscribe to the blog you can get a notification when it's updated.

I will use this format, instead of sending home paper reminders, as much as possible in an effort to go green.

My email address is bearle@rsu14.org and I can be reached at 892-1840 where you can leave a message with the secretaries and I will get back to you as soon as possible
Mrs. Beth Earle