Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Innovation Day!!!

Next Tuesday, February 12 is Innovation Day in grade 3. You can help your child by getting all necessary materials to school by Tuesday morning. Some of you have already brought materials in--thank you!  Students will complete projects at school that day and will need to bring them home on Thursday, February 14th. Please help them make arrangements to get them home(large bag for transport on bus, pick them up that day, etc).

Message from Dr. Rhoads

These are exciting times for my family as we are preparing for the birth of our daughter. I wanted to make you aware of my plan for supporting my family as the due date is Feb. 9th.  After the birth of my child, I will be away from the school for 5 days.  I will then continue to learn about parenthood by working mornings as your principal up to another 4 weeks. I am anticipating that one of the weeks of my absence will be the week of February vacation.

The leadership team at WPS has been planning for my absence. Also, Kris Grant, former assistant principal at WPS, has agreed to join our team as the acting principal in my absence.  When I am out of the building, Ms. Grant will be here to handle administrative duties. If a crisis should arise, I have agreed to return to the school to help support the students and staff. I am excited about how my life is about to change!    Sincerely, Kyle

I am pleased to announce that Dr. Rhoads welcomed his baby girl today, Feb. 6th.

Upcoming Music Dates to Remember--More info will come from the Music Dept.

Saturday, March 2
Orff Festival – Select 3rd Grade Students
Primary School

Thursday, April 4
3rd Grade Concert
6:30 - WPAC--Windham Performing Arts Center – auditorium at the high school

Monday, May 27
Memorial Day Parade
3rd Grade Chorus, Manchester Chorus, HS Band

Thursday, May 30
3rd Grade Chorus
6:00 PM - Seadogs Game

There is NO SCHOOL on February 15th. Enjoy an extra day of vacation!

Beth Earle