Thursday, February 27, 2014

Quick Updates

Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry for my absence in posting to the blog this winter. Things have been extremely hectic in my life, but they are settling down and I will be posting much more regularly for the rest of the year.

I have a few things pieces of info to get out to you before the weekend.

First, conferences are coming the week of March 10-14. The PTC fast site will be live as of 3pm on Friday. The blocks are 40 minutes from start to finish and you will be doing 2 rotations like last time. Students will start by sharing work in the hall for 20 minutes and you will conclude by talking with me. I plan to send a schedule for you to choose times if you do not plan to sign up online. Please DO NOT send back the printed schedule if you are booking your slot online.

Next, I want to clear up confusion I'm hearing from students regarding REACH testing. Mrs. McBride, the coordinator of our Gifted/Talented programming has sent a letter to all parents of third graders in the district. There are criteria listed in the letter for students to receive REACH instruction next year.
If you think that your child may be eligible for gifted/talented services in math and/or language arts, please complete the form at the bottom of this letter and mail it back to the address provided.
Please note that we are seeking students who have demonstrated academic achievement or
potential far above that of their peers, and whose needs can not reasonably be met in the
regular classroom. State law allows us to serve no more than 5% of the class.

Last, the playground fundraiser for the basket raffle is underway. Baskets will be on display during conference week. Please get your donated items for our ICE CREAM BASKET to school by March 5. A memo went home earlier in the week, but let me know if you have questions before the 5th.

Thanks and hope to see everyone during the conference week.

Beth Earle