Thursday, April 25, 2013

Scarborough Marsh/Pine Point Beach Field Trip

Hi Everyone,

I just received notice that our field trip has been approved for June 14th. I'll be sending out a permission slip later in May, but I don't restrict the number of parents chaperoning on this trip, so I wanted you to all have plenty of notice to clear your schedules if you want to join us. I will be able to take 4 adults on the bus and like to reserve those spots for people who cannot transport themselves to Scarborough. Everyone else is welcome to follow the bus, carpool or meet us at the marsh. Parents can sign students out at the end of the trip and continue to enjoy the beach if they choose to, instead of having them ride the bus home. It's always a fun day!

All adults attending will be charged $5. More info to come. . .

Beth Earle

Pennies for our PLAYGROUND is nearing it's end

Hello Everyone,

We are coming up to our final week of the Pennies for our Playground drive here at WPS. I am pleased to announce that our class has been leading the pack for most of the contest, but we are in a heated competition with another third grade class around the corner now. We have now collected  over $250 (over 5,600 coins counted) and are excited about the chance to win a field trip to Mackworth Island to do team building activities and to enjoy the beauty that the island has to offer.

Now is the time to dig into the pockets of old coats, look in the bottom of your washing machine and possibly ask nearby relatives to help in our initiative for building a beautiful new community playground (and win a trip for this class). They have worked so hard this year and will really benefit from this trip!

Please help us with this final push. Contest ends on May 3--no amount is too small!

Thanks for your support,

Beth Earle