Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hi Families,
I'm pleased to announce the class has had a great week with Miss Skarbinski. Thank you for your help messaging with them about respect.
As a class they have been working hard to earn a reward by filling in boxes on a 100 grid. They call it 10 in a row, good to go. Today they finally got 10 in a row and voted to have Pajama Day and watch a movie. On Wednesday, April 2 they can wear their PJs, bring a favorite stuffed animal, bring a small blanket and enjoy the movie Frozen together on our Smartboard! If parents want to send popcorn as a special snack, that is great--just remember we can't share snacks. Congratulate your child on making good choices this week!


Go Green for Technology ~ Dollars for Tech Scholars

Now on sale in each house at

WPS the 1st Friday of each

month from 8:00-8:20am

Gourmet Scented Smencils ~ For April 4th we

have new original scents including: Gum-E Bear;

Juicy Melon; Cherry Vanilla; Waffle Cone; Pom Paya;

Sorta Soda; Pearrrfect; Razzle Berry; Syrup Dipity;

Kinda Cola! Still ONLY $1.00

All Smencil sales go towards purchasing technology, like SMARTboards

for Windham Primary Students!

Students can bring money in starting March 31st and give to Mrs. Earle. I will gather all pre-sale pencils on Friday morning so they don't have to wait in line. If you want to buy any for Easter as an extra gift, get money to me and I can send your pencils home in disguise. Just email me to set it up.


Friday, March 21, 2014

Miss Skarbinski finishes her first week!

Hello Families,

Miss Skarbinski has finished her first week lead teaching with success this week. It was a transitional week, for sure, as students got more comfortable with her style, but I think they enjoyed learning from her and I hope they have conveyed that to you.
We have had some behavior bumps in the road and could use your help. Please reinforce the importance of being even more respectful with her as they are with me. She is doing a wonderful job managing my class, but as with all new things, it is challenging. Some students have had some minor consequences this week. They all know that next week parents will be notified if choices don't improve. Most kids are doing very well and are really respectful. I hope all parents can have a conversation this weekend to reinforce good choices and respect toward adults.
Miss Skarbinski will lead teach for the next two weeks. I have been in several times a day to check in and both she and the class are having a great time learning about the solar system. They will be completing a research project about the planets before April vacation. Please ask them what they've learned so far!

From the Leadership team:

There will be no school on March 28th. 

Spring pictures will be Monday, March 31st for Kdg and 1st grades

         Tuesday, April 1st will be for grades 2 and 3.


1st Grade Music Concert

March 20th 6:30


2nd Grade Music Concert March 24th 6:30


3rd Grade Music Concert

April 1st  6:30


We are looking for parent feedback on how we do conferences.  Please take a few minutes to complete this brief survey to provide us with your thoughts. Please click on the following link.

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hat Day Friday

Hello Families,
Friday is Hat Day at WPS. Students can wear any type of hat they like.
If your child is going on the chorus field trip, Mrs. Cash-Cobb has asked them to dress nicely. Students can put hats on when they return.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Conferences Update in Case of Snow Storm

Look in backpacks tonight for conference reminder slips. I have written in your conference time and date. If you are planning to conference Wednesday or Thursday, the bottom portion of the slip says the following:

If the weather should be bad enough to cancel school, my conferences will also be cancelled and postponed. If your conference is on Wednesday, I will hold your conference at the same time next Wednesday, March 19th.  If your conference is on Thursday, I will hold your conference at the same time, but on Tuesday, March 18th.  If the rescheduled time doesn’t work for you, please contact me immediately, so we can reschedule. Thanks for your flexibility. I will be glad to see this snow gone for another season.
Cross your fingers that the weather will cooperate, so that we can meet. If for any reason you cannot make it and they are not cancelled, please either email me or call the office and leave a message for me. Thanks for your help!