Tuesday, October 22, 2013

School Pictures, Windham Trip, Adjective Day and other class info.

Coming home tonight are school pictures and a flier about Adjective Day.

Students who purchased photos should have packages coming home tonight. If you know you ordered and didn't get one, please email me or call the school to let us know. Sometimes Lifetouch accidentally sends them to other classes. I can put out a call to other teachers if this is the case.

Adjective Day will be on Oct. 31. It is NOT a Halloween costume day. I am challenging kids to use things they already have at home and to not bug parents to buy things.  A lot of kids were interested in "athletic" as their adjective. When you are brainstorming, please try and come up with something unique so our day isn't just a sea of sports jerseys. We will do some brainstorming on Thursday or Friday as well. Hopefully we can have a large assortment of adjectives. We may even join other third grade classes for an adjective parade!

Reminder to get your permission slips and money in for the Windham Field Trip. We are going next Monday, October 28th and slips need to be here before students can go on the trips. I will send a second one home tomorrow for anyone who might need an extra. Money can come later if necessary, but the kids can't go unless we have signed permission.

We are finally getting into the swing of our normal schedule and the class is settling in really well. I'm so proud of the work they've done this year! Reading Workshop is taking shape nicely. Please ask them about the Options Board and some of the activities they are doing during this time. We have also started WIN time and are working on reading fluency. Also, our Math Switch time is beginning and students have been broken into groups to work on things they need extra help in as well. It's a busy time of year in third grade!

As always, thanks for your support!


Friday, October 11, 2013

Congratulations! NECAP Testing is Over!!

Hi Families,

Please congratulate your third grader tonight for the job well done on the NECAP testing. I saw some amazingly hard workers over the past 6 testing days! You should be very proud! On top of sitting and testing for so long, they did a beautiful job of rolling with a completely upside down schedule of specials and classes.
In the middle of it all we did some great work learning about different types of wetlands and wetland creatures and vegetation. We will continue this work next week leading up to our field trip on the 17th. Please be sure to dress your child in weather appropriate clothing. Just a reminder that we will be back for lunchtime that day. Pack a light snack that we can eat in the park.
We also worked a lot with different types of nouns this week. Some students are still struggling with the differences in proper nouns and common nouns. We will continue this work, but any extra conversation you can have around the topic would be welcomed.

Please remember that Monday is Columbus Day and we will have no school.

Coming home in backpacks is:
  • a gift from Lieutenant Rogers from the Windham Fire Dept
  • a St. Joe's basketball clinic sign up
  • Windham PTA fundraiser form
Have a wonderful and safe long weekend!

Beth Earle

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Go Green for Technology ~ Dollars for Tech Scholars 
 On sale at WPS this Friday and then the 1st Friday of each month for the remainder of the year from 8:00-8:20am - Gourmet Scented Smencils

Help WPS and the environment at the same time!
Smencils are made by rolling sheets of newspaper tightly around #2 graphite writing cores until pencils of typical thickness are formed. Then they're hardened and soaked with gourmet liquid scents. Once they're dry, erasers are attached and the stickers that identify which scent was infused into each Smencil are applied around them. Lastly, each Original Smencil is placed into its own corn-based biodegradable Freshness Tube

Recycling Facts: An average sized cedar tree will make about 172,000 wood pencils. 172,000 Smencils can be made from 430 newspapers.
All Smencil are $1 and sales go towards purchasing technology, like SMARTboards for Windham Primary Students!
If your child would like to PRE-ORDER please send money to Mrs. Earle during the week leading up to the 1st Friday each month and I will pick them up before school that Friday morning. This is helpful to students who are on later buses and can't wait in line.