Friday, January 18, 2013

Good Morning Everyone,

I have a few things I'd like to let you know about this morning.

I'm sending home DVDs from the holiday concert today. If you ordered one from Mrs. Cash-Cobb, you can expect to find it in your child's backpack tonight.

Our 100th day is approaching. Traditionally our school participates in a food drive to benefit the Windham Food Pantry. Each grade level is responsible for donating certain foods. Third grade will be donating boxed foods this year. If you would like to donate please send items in between Feb 1-13.

As the flu/cold season continues please remind your child to keep washing hands with soap and water if they are coughing or sneezing onto them. I am doing my best to keep things sanitized here in class to minimize the germs. If your child is sick and contagious please keep them home, but please be mindful that attendance is important and use good judgement when keeping them away from school. If they will be absent you can either email me or contact the office to let them know. Remember to let us know specifically why they are out. For example, please say sick with a head cold instead of just sick. It helps with looking at our absences data.

Communication from the office: Please be sure that your child's emergency information for addresses, phone numbers and emergency contacts are up to date. Changes occur during the year and we sometimes forget to make necessary updates. This will help us out a lot!

If you plan to pick your child up from school any time after 2:30, please report to the cafeteria. Any time before 2:30 will still be dismissed from the office.

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend and hope that some of you will be able to be home on Monday as well.

Stay warm!

Beth Earle