Monday, May 12, 2014

Last 26 Days of School

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the 2nd post today. I was all set to send this home in hard copy and found a big error, so it's delayed in getting to you. I will send hard copies tomorrow, so you can post somewhere convenient to keep track of our upcoming events. I did go over this with the kids today and they are very excited! If you have any questions please get in touch!


The Last 26 Days of School

Dear Parents,
Believe it or not, the school year is coming to an end. During the last 26 days of school, our classes will be participating in the alphabet countdown. Each school day will have a different activity depending on the letter of the day. Your child may need to bring certain things on various days.


This sheet will help your child remember each day of the countdown. Also, check the daily schedule for reminders for the next day. I hope your child enjoys his/her last days in third grade!

Ms. Tompson and Mrs. Earle

May 13 Awesome Art Day
Students create original artwork.

May 14 Bedtime Book Share
Bring your favorite bedtime book that you either were read as a young child or read now.

May 15 Compliment and Caring Words Day
Come to school ready to compliment classmates and to find ways to care for each other.

(This is also Race for the Playground Day where students will be doing laps to raise money for our playground. Don’t forget those sponsor sheets!)

May 16 DEAR Day
We will take time to Drop Everything and Read!

May 19 Exercise Day
Wear comfortable clothes. We are exercising.

May 20 Fruit for snack
Bring your favorite fruit in for snack.  Fruit scraps can go in our worm compost bins.

May 21 Green Day
Wear green clothing and with weather permitting we will work in the school garden.

May 22 Hat Day
Bring your favorite hat to wear in class.

May 23 “In the Woods” Day
Bring good hiking shoes for a nature walk.


May 27 Joke Day
Bring in a school appropriate joke to share with classmates.

May 28 Kindness Day
Everyone will participate in a random act of kindness.

May 29 Learn Something New Day
Bring in an interesting fact to share.

May 30 Mix Match Day
We will wear mix matched clothes.

June 2 New Name Day
We will make up new names/nicknames for the day! We will make name tags and call each other by our new name all day!

June 3 Outdoor Reading Day
We will read outside today (weather permitting).  Be prepared to sit on the ground, bring a towel if you want.

June 4 Pajama Day
Wear your favorite clean pajamas to school.

June 5 Quilt Day
We will make a paper quilt to sum up 3rd grade.

June 6 Red Day
Wear red clothes.

June 9 Sports Day
Wear your favorite sport’s team apparel or a team uniform.

June 10 Tale of Despereaux Movie Day
We will watch the movie Tale of Despereaux.  Bring in popcorn if you want a snack.

June 11 Up to 4th Grade Day
We will take a trip to Manchester to meet your fourth grade teacher.

June 12 Visit from a Mystery Reader Day
Bring your favorite vegetable for snack.

June 13 Wetlands Day
We will go on a field trip to the Scarborough Marsh and Pine Point Beach.

June 16 X-tra Recess
Day We will enjoy “x-tra” recess!

June 17 Yellow Day

Wear yellow clothes.

June 18 Zip Up and Zoom Off Day
We will zip up our bags and zoom off to enjoy our summer vacation!

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